Why Communications to your Channel Really Matter

We’ve all done it. You get into a rut communicating to Partners. The same old email here, the same stale newsletter there. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is a global tune out of your entire channel. Why should they care when it feels like you don’t? Keep in mind your Partners are working with between […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Gov first into US FedRAMP Accelerated authorization

FedRAMP Accelerated

FedRAMP, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, announced this week that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government is the firs…
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User-defined fields in Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll: Have you defined yours?

Badge ID…license plate number…favorite ice cream flavor.

What do these three things have in common? These are examples of employee-specific information that can be easily tracked within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

You didn’t know GP had a field for tracking employee’s favorite ice cream flavors? It does not, technically; but y…
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How serious is Microsoft about AI? Company launches 5,000-strong Microsoft AI and Research Group

Harry ShumThis morning at Ignite 2016 Microsoft announced formation of the Microsoft AI and Research Group, bringing together Microsoft’s global research organization with more than 5,000 computer scientists an…
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A Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration Framework: Why AIF, Web Services, and Data Management (DIXF) are Not Enough

Frayed rope

If you have concerns about how you are going to integrate to systems with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX (a.k.a., AX 7), you should have them. At this writing, Microsoft has indicated tha…
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Ignite 2016: Microsoft AI Tech Promises to Touch Consumers, Enterprises with Hyperscale Performance

"We’re not pursuing [artificial intelligence] AI to beat humans at games; we are pursuing AI so we can empower every person and every institution" with the tools of AI. So began Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s afternoon keynote at Ignite 2016.

Nadella went on to describe why this lofty goal is necessary, and how Microsoft is ac…
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Microsoft Shows Off Improved Office 365 Tie-Ins for Dynamics NAV 2017

Microsoft will offer a range of improvements to the way Dynamics NAV 2017 integrates and interacts with productivity tools like Excel and Outlook, and the NAV team has even built out a business integration to the new Office 365 Bookings apps for the upcoming release. These areas of new or incremental improvement have produced some of the most p…
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The MSDW Podcast: reIMAGINE 2016 & GP’s future; Pricing details leak for Dynamics 365; Microsoft’s HP win, and more

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Two weeks of compelling Microsoft Dynamics stories.  Among this week’s topics:

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