72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012

Great article with some really interesting (and yes, even facinating) facts and statistics on interactive marketing… #5. LinkedIn generates more leads for b2b companies than Facebook, Twitter or blogs. Yet only 47% of b2b marketers say they are actively using LinkedIn vs. 90% on Facebook #43. Mobile commerce is projected to ten-fold from 2010…
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Global Deployments of Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Users Discuss Localization, Performance, Synchro Challenges

If your company is running Microsoft Dynamics NAV in
more than one country – or it’s planning to – you’ve probably experienced, or
are experiencing, some challenges with the international installation.

At the very least, you probably have a number of
questions you’d like answered. Such was the case with members of the Microsoft Dynami…
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The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content

Interesting article on the death of SEO as we know it…it’s hardly about the links anymore but more about the metrics of engagement on your site. “Invest in real, valuable, relevant content that your audience wants. Grow your internal thought leaders to where they can add value to your audience and positioning in the market. [...]…
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From the Dynamics GP Blogs: Analytical Accounting Data; GP Window Mystery; Maximizing Support; Support Debugging Tool Enhancement

Analytical Accounting Data to History in Dynamics GP:
In his first post at the Dynamics
GP Support and Services blog, Sivakumar Venkataraman, writes about the
causes – and preventative measures – related to an error message that pops up
when you’re running the year end close in Microsoft Dynamics GP (with
Analytical Account…
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GigaSpaces and MPI Europe Form Strategic Partnership

Article by NeonDrum

GigaSpaces and MPI Europe Form Strategic Partnership – Technology – Information Technology

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MPI Europe, London, 22 September 2009: MPI Europe and GigaSpaces Technologies have formed a strategic partnership that will enable financial firms to manage risk and meet the demands of low latency trading more effectively. The partnership will enable GigaSpaces to extend its reach and capability within the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and will be a valuable addition to MPI Europe’s portfolio of specialist financial technology partners.

Today’s mission-critical transaction processing systems, from electronic trading to online banking and e-commerce, are burdened with more data, more channels and more services than ever before. In addition, regulatory pressure to manage and assess risk more effectively means that speed is the key to running effective risk simulations across the enterprise. Recent benchmark tests using High Performance Computing show that firms can cost-effectively perform full-risk simulations on their portfolios in minutes rather than hours and run pre-trade scenarios in milliseconds using GigaSpaces software, alongside the latest processing technology from technology leaders such as Intel.

MPI Europe provides market knowledge, expert analysis, project management and business support within the European financial services sector and has a strong track record of matching the right technology solutions to financial business requirements.

“Working with MPI Europe will enable us to have a broader reach within Europe and provides us with valuable business and strategic expertise and a holistic approach to driving more performance through trading and risk applications,” says James Liddle, UK Director for Sales & Operations at GigaSpaces. “This partnership will strengthen and speed the resolution of several key challenges to financial services companies.”

John Cant, Managing Director of MPI Europe, comments: “We are looking forward to working more closely with GigaSpaces Technologies. We select our partners carefully to ensure they provide robust, efficient and scalable solutions that address key business objectives for financial organisations. GigaSpaces technology is innovative and provides the faster processing speeds that our clients are demanding, even when managing highly complex data”

Nigel Woodward, Intel Finance Industry Director, comments: “I am delighted MPI Europe and GigaSpaces are forming this alliance, which complements our existing fasterAPPS initiative with MPI Europe. GigaSpaces technology, optimised to work most effectively with the latest Intel Architecture platform, providing superior performance with exceptional stability. It provides both low latency and high throughput in a variety of applications. Combining this with MPI Europe’s business and consulting expertise is a potent mix for financial services firms.”

- ends -

Media enquiries: Kimberley Gray (PR Consultant), Tel: 0118 969 4904/07884 405835. Email: kim[at]kimberleygray[dot]com, Website:.

About GigaSpacesGigaSpaces Technologies is a leading provider of a new generation of application platforms for Java and.Net environments that offer an alternative to traditional application servers. Its flagship product, XAP 7.0, is an enterprise-grade application server for deploying and scaling distributed applications under any requirement.

GigaSpaces customers depending on our reliability and millisecond latency include many of the Fortune 100 companies, the world’s top investment banks, financial exchanges, telecommunications carriers, Web-commerce companies, online gaming companies, and Internet media organizations. GigaSpaces was founded in 2000 and has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

For more information, please visit,, our blog at

About MPI EuropeMPI Europe (MPIE) was established in 2004 and specialises in Financial Services Consulting. The company focuses on business process and technology projects that result from regulatory driven and technology enabled change. They have a significant track record working in banking, capital markets, asset and alternative funds management. Over recent years, MPIE has successfully completed business driven programmes for MiFID and other regulatory programmes, Fidessa implementations, merger/integration, equity commission sharing/unbundling, operational risk, and client reporting and has worked with a number of leading banks and asset management companies, as well as with specialist information technology firms.

This in-depth experience and expertise enables MPI to work with financial companies to evaluate their existing processes and methodology and develop a programme which effectively implements change for people, process and technology with follow through to deliver business benefit.

MPIE offers a range of engagement types from traditional advisory consulting, through programme management and business analysis assistance, to providing a full implementable solution to certain business challenges – commission sharing, client reporting, supply chain finance & operational risk management – through their strategic partnerships with selected technology providers. Our content-led, innovative, collaborative and implementation focused approach differentiates us from other consultancies.

Address: MPI Europe, CityPoint, 1 Ropemaker Street, London, United Kingdom, EC2Y 9HT.

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5 Insights into Global Social Media in 2012

Interesting(and useful) new global social media networking findings…particularly the fact that companies are rapidly adapting to new platforms. “Google+ pages for business were launched in November and by February 2012, nearly half of Fortune Global 100 companies already had a presence on the platform” 1. Twitter is more than 50% …
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Navigating the Challenges of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Application Consultant Career Path

In my last article I
described the general
development path of a Dynamics AX application consultant.  Now I will review some typical challenges
that a consultant faces in ERP, and Microsoft Dynamics AX specifically, at the
three main levels of his or her career path. These challenges are correlated to
the consultant’s business experience, soft…
Microsoft Dynamics News

Square Pegs, Round Holes – Channel Partners

R&D, as it relates both to enhancing existing products, as well as the introduction of new market offerings, is the primary engine that drives manufacturers’ growth. If that weren’t true, we’d all still be sitting at our 64MB PCs juggling stacks of 3.5-inch floppy disks while multitasking myriad projects. While “new and improved” will forever remain marketers’ mantra, the distribution of new product offerings must be carefully managed if it is to be successful.

Put on that characteristic Dirty Harry squint and pose this: “In all this excitement about your new widget, you’ve got to ask yourself one question. Are my existing channel partners equipped to sell our new complementary products, and/or those that have absolutely nothing to do with our traditional offerings? Well, are they punk?”

That’s right. It’s time to get tough.

As R&D is a major component of manufacturers’ lifeblood, new offerings likewise generate pizazz at the reseller level. Complementary products spur add-on sales to existing customers, and may prompt fence-sitting prospects to opt for products from one manufacturer over another. They can also provide VARs, integrators and other high-touch channel partners with the ammunition to better demonstrate their technical expertise in the configuration of complex end-user solutions. In a perfect world, this is all true.

Because we live in an imperfect world, you may find that your new complementary offerings, or totally new products, are the proverbial square pegs to your channel partners’ round holes. What to do? Your choices will require a fair amount of research and financial investment.

This needn’t be as daunting as it may first appear. Your closest and best reseller pals more than likely will have little difficulty incorporating new complementary product offerings into their sales efforts on your behalf. They know your widgets inside and out. And because end-users recognize them for their technical expertise and overall trustworthiness, these channel partners should have little difficulty extolling the benefits of your new, secondary offering. This is pretty much a no-brainer.

Partners that you leverage more for their consultative expertise with end-users may be less inclined to give your new offerings the type of time and attention that they’ve devoted to your primary product lines. You might need to open up those purse strings a bit in the form of MDF or other incentives or introductory promotional programs.

If “normal” promotional programs fail to light a fire under such resellers, the agent and direct marketer channel may represent better conduits for your new complementary products. If so, your investment will be in the form of educating them on selling points as well as providing financial incentives to spotlight your new widget over those of your competitors.

When your R&D activities result in the development of new and different products, you may very well need to develop brand new relationships to achieve maximum sales. Your largest, most-dependable channel partners will undoubtedly, at least on the surface, be more than willing to offer your new, totally separate product line to end-users. But unless you provide them with what may become prohibitively expensive incentives to be proactive, you’ll also possibly bear the cost burden of an undeveloped market and lost potential sales. You might be best served working with a new partner to market your new offering, in the process keeping your existing resellers happy through new or sweetened incentive programs.

The introduction of complementary or completely new products is essential to your business’ continued growth. Just be careful in managing your channel partnerships in the process.

A dedicated marketing professional, Michelle Kabele has been helping technology companies develop award-winning channel partner programs and marketing strategies for over 10 years. Michelle has worked extensively with small businesses throughout North America.

Michelle has an MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management (Evanston, Ill.)

Visit my blog:

Article Source:

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Consolidates Privacy, Security Information in Trust Center

In an effort to clarify the work it has put into meeting
customers’ data security and privacy needs, Microsoft Corp. has rolled out the
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Trust
Center, a marketing site that offers customers and prospects high level
information about the data privacy, transparency, and security practices for
the Dynamics CRM Online s…
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Make it About the Markets and the Money

What makes or breaks a partnership at the outset isn’t how great the product is, but the opportunity it represents – an opportunity defined by expanded markets and increased revenue. More money. Continue reading
Shawn Yeager + Co.

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