This Week in Microsoft Dynamics ERP Webcasts: Manufacturing, AP Automation Experts Weigh In

It’s been a busy fall for webcasts so far.  Hundreds of Dynamics users and professionals
have joined us already for several unique sessions, which are available now on demand.

But our fall event
schedule is just getting started.  Here’s
a brief rundown of this week’s Microsoft Dynamics webcasting schedule, which …
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Cloudy financials for the channel

Cloudy financials for the channel

Ian Moyse looks at the many different billing models used by cloud vendors and how these affect channel compensation and financials. Even today…
Channel Matters Blog

What Hidden Marketing Assets Are – Introduction

The concept of what hidden marketing assets are is not a well-known topic.  In this series of posts,  I’ll explain what some of the more oft-found hidden marketing assets are, and a bit about how you might use them.

First, in this article I give a brief description of eight areas where these marketing assets are found.

1)  Your business Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Value Proposition – Every business, to succeed in today’s economy and business climate, simply must have a well-defined USP.  The USP states what it is about your business that makes you the best choice for your visitor or prospect.  With a well-defined USP, you don’t particularly have to compete on price, unless, of course,  your USP IS that you have the best price.  This could be true the day you write the USP, but the next day a competitor can easily beat that price.  However, if your USP is that you deliver your product more quickly, or some other feature that your competitors are just not geared for, then you are offering a value that nobody else has.

2. Current and Past Customers and Clients:  Your customers, both present and past can be great contributors to increased sales and profits.  There are definite steps you can take to increase sales to existing customers and to benefit from their relationships through referrals and other methods.

3.  Staff and Owner Expertise: There is much more than meets the eye in the knowledge and backgrounds of you and your staff.

4.  Relationships:  Included are those like suppliers, vendors, customers, fellow business associates, other business owners, and competitors. Most people don’t think of these relationships as being marketing assets, but by networking with these contacts, a lot of benefit can be brought into your business.

5. Your Current and Former Marketing Strategies that Work: This is an asset usually under-utilized Whatever the business is doing now to get customers and business is a marketing strategy.  But are they profitable, or can they be made profitable and as effective as possible?

6. Alliances and Joint Ventures: Marketing alliances you create with other businesses can create a great benefit to your sales and profits growing.  These might be with customer businesses, non-competitive or, sometimes, competitive businesses, organizations and other groups.  These relationships can create a great deal of credibility for you and your alliance or joint venture partner.

7. Local and Internet Marketing: Today’s world is online.  Every business should have a solid and moving presence on the Internet, from a webpage that really markets the business’ capabilities to social networking and social bookmarking that help to bring new business into the business.

In the next post in this series, we’ll take a brief look at the importance of your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.

At, we offer a coaching program through which we guide you through these 7 marketing areas. You can read about it on our home page at or on the sales page for the coaching program at

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Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: Hawaiian GP Acquisition; NAV-based Recycling Solution; GP in Higher Ed; CRM Healthcare Hire

In this week’s Microsoft Dynamics partner news

  • Rose Business Solutions
    Acquires Hawaii Microsoft Dynamics GP Practice;
  • Blue Castle Selects Qurius
    for Dynamics NAV-based Waste Management and Recycling Solution
  • University of
    Wisconsin-Stout Selects myGPcloud as Online Accounting Softwar…
    Microsoft Dynamics News

Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: AP EFT; CRM Global Search; GP Risk Management CfMD; CRM 2011 for Android; AX 2012 Retail Win

In this week’s Microsoft Dynamics partner news

  • Sandler*Kahne Adds APEFT
    Plus! Module to eBanking Suite for Dynamics AX 2009, 2012
  • Akvelon Announces New Global
    Search Features
  • GP Risk Management Suite
    Earns ‘Certified for Microsoft Dynamics’ Distinction
  • CWR Mobility Launches…
    Microsoft Dynamics News

New Data on Security Risks of Older Operating Systems: Justifying a Windows Upgrade

Technology is always
changing, but let’s be honest. Most of us don’t like change all that much, even
- or maybe especially – when it comes to technology. New isn’t always better,
we argue, as we try to keep hold of the software applications we are familiar
with. Sometimes the new technology really is better and more intuitive.

And some…
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Affiliate Marketing How To Guide for Beginners

Article by Richard Blair

Affiliate Marketing How To Guide for Beginners – Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is a partnership that takes place between a web merchant and one or more members. This is revenue sharing. Affiliates are paid commission for referring potential customers, sales or clicks to the merchant. Affiliate marketing does not require the creation of subsidiaries or selling your own product, or require product delivery, customer service or e-commerce. All these aspects are part of the responsibility of the merchant. To be an affiliate, the desire to succeed is necessary, and a lot of patience. Many Internet marketers get lost in information overload and lose focus and patience.

Another requirement of affiliate marketing is creativity. This is the key to success. Partners must develop not only a good website that is content based, but must also be able to incorporate their affiliate links in their content. They should provide prospects with quality content that will make them want to return to the site continuously. Affiliate marketers must be hard working. New affiliate marketers just starting out must be very dedicated and hard worker because affiliate marketing requires a lot of time for those who are just starting.

The first step necessary to make money in affiliate marketing is to choose a profitable niche market. You must first decide what kind of product to promote. You can promote almost any product. Then you need to enroll in an affiliate marketing program. The number of these programs is increasing rapidly on the Internet. Once you have decided the market you want to promote in then you need to find a program with a quality product. This program should have a good paying compensation. The next step would be to decide on a strategy of promotion.

Two good strategies to make money in affiliate marketing are traffic exchanges and blogs. There are several others. Another way would be to get free traffic from search engines via of a personal website. And so the fourth step would be to get a blog or website. Web sites are offered for free in some cases and very cheap in other cases. Blogs are usually free. The final step to make money in affiliate marketing is taking action. Be persistent and learn from marketing tools and resources available on the Internet. This will lead to a full time income.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-This video shows you how to get FREE cash demandIn 48 hours or less – Check This Out! FREE VIDEO

About the Author

Internet Marketer, Article Writer, Photographer

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Richard Blair

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Lead Generation Services: Building The Pipeline

Lead generation services, when done right, can get your pipeline built quickly. Whatever products or services you’re offering, helping prospective customers find you can be challenging. With an overabundance of companies competing for attention, finding and capturing your target market may seem nearly impossible. What’s more, for a suc…
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Upcoming Microsoft Dynamics AX Tech Conference Will Prep Users, Pros on Changes Coming in AX 2012 R2

For Microsoft Dynamics AX technical professionals, the AX
Technical Conference is a perennial favorite, combining a look at the newest AX
release – in this case AX 2012 R2 – with unique access to Microsoft R&D
teams beyond Dynamics ERP.

At this
October’s event, October 22 to 25 in Bellevue, Washington, Dynamics AX 2012
R2 readines…
Microsoft Dynamics News

Rethinking Inventory Management: More Than a Formula

[Editor’s Note: For more on the latest research findings in inventory
management, join Bill McBeath, ChainLink’s Chief Research Officer for
Thursday’s free webcast, Dimensions
of Inventory Management: Holistic Strategies for a Volatile World

Much of the focus on
inventory management in the business literature is on basic formul…
Microsoft Dynamics News

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