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Affiliate Marketing Partnerships – How to Pick Good Affiliate Programs That Make You Money

In this article I am going to discuss how to pick affiliate marketing partnerships that help you make more money. The simple truth is that this SHOULD be a reasonably simple and straightforward process, but for many folks JUST getting started out online, it proves to be a problematic part of their strategic process. Let’s look at a few ways that you can amp UP your efforts in this regard, and see if we can’t help you alleviate some common mistakes to boot! Read on..:-)

Tip #1: Specificity (and Segmentation) Will Soup UP Your Sales

Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell beef jerky to a vegetarian with your site, services or sales copy. Lots of people I work with will take a very general niche, and create a beautiful site around the topic…and then plug in very nuanced affiliate offers into their monetization model..:-) This simply, unfortunately, DOESN’T work well, as you are far better creating several smaller, very segmented sites that speak to an unique audience within the larger niche, and plugging in hyper specific offers that are guaranteed to appeal to each one. (or create one LARGE planet affiliate site, and link to the smaller “satellite” sites from there)

Tip #2: Create your OWN Affiliates, and Your OWN Products to Boot

This is SO simple, and the easiest and most elegant path to REAL online profits. There are simple scripts now that will let you create your own in house affiliate programs, where you sell your OWN products on your site, (rather than those of others) and simply allow your visitors, to become your marketing partners ( and distribution channel as well!) Popular Paypal scripts can do this in one short hour, and you can sell e books or downloads from your site all while encouraging your visitors to profit from selling the same on THEIR sites ( or to their friends)…and easy and elegant way to make your own affiliate efforts viral in a hurry!

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Catapult Shows Off Metro-based Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Prototype at Microsoft’s WPC

Earlier this year Microsoft asked Dynamics NAV
consultancy Catapult ERP to create a custom branded demo to show off NAV 2013 with SharePoint use cases and the Metro UI, and the company developed some buzz
around their resulting demonstration at the Directions EMEA event in Rome.

At the time, Catapult execs were excited about the
new pr…
Microsoft Dynamics News

Affiliate Program Marketing – Partnerships In Profit

In this article we are going to take a look at how affiliate program marketing partnerships can often provide you the easiest avenue to quick and easy profits you will find online. How? It’s quite simple. All good a marketing programs have effectively taken all of the heavy lifting out of the marketing equation FOR you, leaving you with only the relatively easy process of coming up with creative ways to promote their product, service or site to the masses. Let’s take a peek at some potential profitable strategies YOU can employ this weekend to make some quick and easy cash. Read on.

On of my “underground” maniac marketing maneuvers for affiliate program promotion is repurposing OTHER peoples videos with my branded affiliate links. Now, for the most part, I am using the videos that are publicly available for aggregation, or, the affiliate programs OWN promotional videos themselves to turbocharge my own advertising efforts. Once I have the video streams I like, I’ll use free and easy software programs like Bubbleply to embed text and/or links to the videos that I have grabbed, and then I’ll post these videos to my own network of sites, social networking profiles, and often, even uploading these videos BACK up to the video hosting services where I got them, only now they are branded with my own links. If you are feeling a tad more ambitious, you can even use free services like Tubemogul to mass distribute your multimedia to a whole host of video verticals with the casual flick of one button on your keyboard, sending your branded videos out to the cyberspace promotional circuit while you catch up on your afternoon soaps. And if you don’t think making some easy money while watching Bo and Laura on Days of Our Lives is exciting, well, I’m not quite sure what kind of blood is pumping through your veins.

Folks, this is dead easy, dummy simple stuff that can be started in one day, and while everyone else out there is grumping about the economy, you can be focused, free and financially fantabulous all while having phenomenal fun. That was a lot of f.’s, don’t you think? Have fun, get moving and good luck!

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Making Money on Craigslist can be so much fun & effortlessly easy, it almost feels like stealing!

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pivots Off R8 Misfire with New App Vision and Schedule at WPC 2012

With last week’s disappointing
news that Microsoft Dynamics CRM R8 (aka the Q2 2012 Service Update) was
not ready due to quality issues in both cross-browser compatibility and the CRM
Mobile offering, updates on CRM at this week’s WPC 2012 seemed likely to lose
some steam. 

But in a new Dynamics CRM roadmap presentation (recording of…
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Microsoft Dynamics ERP Faster to Implement, But Joins SAP, Oracle in Missing Project Deadlines: New Report

If you compare the ERP offerings
of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics, you’ll see that each of the big three has
both strengths and weaknesses.  If you’re
the type who needs a clear winner, then maybe you’ll get the answer your
looking for next year.

When it comes to market
share, SAP ranks highest of the three vendors, with more tha…
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7 Tremendous Ways To Promote Your Content On LinkedIn

Have you considered Linkedin Marketing? If leveraged properly, the site can become an excellent source of leads. This post shares 7 ways that, we too are confident, would help boost your content’s visibility. Read 7 Tremendous Ways To Promote Your Content On LinkedIn here…
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Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

I recently ran across this roundup of cheat sheets/infographics for the top social media networking platforms and thought they were worth sharing….pass it on! Find the social media cheat sheets here…
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrades: Avoiding the RDLC Report Conversion Crunch

As a Microsoft-certified Dynamics NAV Upgrade Center, we see a lot of
upgrades at Liberty Grove Software. In recent years, those upgrades have been
to NAV 2009. Increasingly, with the end of NAV classic reporting now in sight,
many of our upgrades have involved the conversion of classic reports to their
RDLC equivalents.

For those readers…
Microsoft Dynamics News

Affiliate Marketing Partnership Program – Don’t Confuse Simple for Easy

One of the most commonly made mistakes about an affiliate marketing partnership program is that because it is so very easy to make money that a lot of people think that no effort is needed. A lot of the sales pitches you read and hear about affiliate marketing add to this misconception. They claim that it is so easy to make profits that anybody can do it, when reality steps in many affiliate site owners give up before they make there first commission.

This happens because a lot of people misunderstand – “simple” is not the same a “easy”

An Affiliate marketing partnership program works on some simple rules and assumptions. The mechanics of how it works is that it creates an opportunity to make a real income that is not difficult or complex. This thing called affiliate marketing is so very simple that any one can easily understand the idea behind it; it’s not that hard if you know what to do.

Because of the simplicity of this system most people dream of making big buck with affiliate marketing without being prepared to do any work. The equation they seem to miss is that being simple does not mean easy. Like with anything else in order to be successful it takes time and effort.

A lot of people prefer not to listen to this but to be successful in affiliate marketing you need more than just a good understanding of the ideas and concepts of the system. You can’t just sit at a computer and produce commission checks one after the other. It’s not as easy as that. The system is simple but requires understanding of certain techniques and the will to execute them.

This is explained in detail at PIPS (Plug in Profits Site). This site is basically a how to do manual on affiliate marketing, that shows about the simplicity and efficiency of affiliate marketing combined with solid techniques that a person can use to make an income online. The plug in profits site consists of six affiliates -Leisure Audio Books, SFI Marketing, Success University, Empowerism, Host4Profit and Adminder.

These Affiliate sites have fantastic training programs and pay out very high commissions. Best of all the products that they sell can be sold over and over to the same customer. So when you make a sale you can make money for months. Some of the support they give is as follows -

A free website

Assist you in getting traffic to your website

Teach you to manage technical problems

Help you advertise and sell products

Simple does not mean easy, but it surly does not mean that affiliate marketing is difficult. What it means is you need to jump into action with a good plan and even better tactics in order to get this business model into a super profit earner.

Follow the recommendations of the Plug in profits site and you can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing. You can build a bridge between the simplicity of affiliate marketing and the actual process and techniques needed to master in order to earn a big pay day. To learn more about this site check out the attached link.

Andy the Home Biz Wiz recommends for more info visit – []

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