15 Common Mistakes In Social Media Marketing

With the ever-evolving social media networking landscape, it’s important to be aware of common misunderstandings.  For instance, contacts = business connections.  A handful of interested connections is worth more than thousands of “friends” “contacts” or “fans”.  Great article pointing out more of these …
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Improving Channel Sales Strategy and Multi-Channel Organization

Channel partners are independent corporate entities or companies that ally themselves with parent companies or vendors for the purpose of distributing vendors’ products to end customers. Vendors rely on their channel partners for most of their sales revenue and in enticing high performance from resellers or partners, vendors create channel partner programs.

Effective channel programs are based on a lot of factors. Most of which are incentives and financial reward for channel partners bringing in the most number of customers. While some vendors are complacent with their present channel partner programs, others are always seeking new ways to improve upon the system.

Provide marketing materials – Vendors cannot rely on resellers to provide the marketing materials. Marketing materials have to come directly from vendors to reflect what the brand and company vision is.

While it helps that resellers contribute to marketing campaigns, the concept, over-all ideas and majority of the campaign has to come from vendors.

Keep it simple
Approval for channel partner programs need not be a bureaucratic caricature best associate with government SOP. Develop or enhance your channel partner program with emphasis on simplicity. For example, recruitment needs to be thorough but not take so much time that the reseller loses interest. Keep procedures simple and efficient.

Regular assessment
Arrange for surveys for channel partners to gauge whether the channel partner program is working or not. Feedback is important not just from customers but also from channel partners. To address issues as soon as possible is to keep the channel sales strategy running smoothly.

Provide clear guidelines and policies
Be consistent with your policies and guidelines to maintain order and keep the sales team focused on the goals of the vendor as well as the channel partners.

Fresh and evolving campaigns
How important is marketing campaigns? Very important. Be creative and don’t get stuck in a rut with your campaigns. Engage your channel partners by constantly coming up with great marketing ads and be quick in getting your channel partners’ cooperation.

Offer training and certification
Help channel partners with customer service through comprehensive training and certification especially if the products are considered to be vertical. Often, customers expect resellers to answer their technical as well as practical questions.

Update your channel partner’s profile
Be on track with the channel partner’s performance. Microsoft, for example, keeps a score card with the resellers’ profile, revenues arranged by product, costs, and ROI. It helps channel managers with the evaluation of each partner.

Use technology
Using partner portals and providing subscription to resellers will greatly increase productivity by far. Partner portals ensure automation of processes like deal registration and report generation. There are vendors who provide a portal in their official site that can be accessed by channel partners. Third party solution providers have customizable web portals wherein resellers can place their logos and color themes as well as customize the features they need.

Improving channel partner program cannot be achieved with mere financial input. There has to be a collaboration with channel partners to certain extent to move as one towards the same objectives and that is for growth and development.


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Spectacular Content Marketing Tips – Strategic Partnerships to Grow Your Blog

Creating Spectacular Content to Capture Client Interest

One of the best tools to use for driving potential clients to your website is to incorporate a web log, or blog. Blogs originally came into existence so people could write about their life and share it with the world. Smart internet marketers quickly saw the potential for reaching out to the vast internet audience, and began utilizing blogs to increase sales. Carefully crafted blog content powered by SEO, or search engine optimization is a low cost way to market and to build sales.

How Do Blogs Work?

Content should be at the heart of your blog. Your goal is to connect with your readers on a friendly level, rather than a sales person-to-client level. So you should write or use content that is conversational rather than preachy or obviously sales driven. Our tendencies as human beings are to trust friends, but to dislike salespeople.

When writing your blog, keep it light and caring, but informative and interesting. Cover topics that the other guys in your niche don’t. Highlight what makes you different from the pack. Always be honest and sincere. It may be necessary to do some research about your chosen niche. Read other blogs and product service sites for new information that you can work into your website and blog.

Capturing Content if You Don’t Write

So you still want to use a blog to market your website, however, you’re not a writer. What do you do? Well, the internet is your answer, because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of content websites with millions of articles on all topics for use by people who are not necessarily the strongest or creative of copywriters.

Many of these websites give away the articles for free. All you have to do is to sign up. Sometimes they offer a certain number of articles per month and if you want more, then you may have to pay a nominal fee.

Team Up

Another way to capture content for your blog is to team up with someone else and share your copy, your ideas and other resources. Many blogs are produced by teams of writers, rather than just one, who take turns posting. This takes away the burden from everyone on the team of individually having to come up with something new every single day. The quickest way to kill your blog is to let it stagnate without adding new information on a regular basis.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization

All of your content should be search engine optimized, meaning it should be sprinkled with the buzz words of your niche market throughout the copy. These buzz words are the words that people looking for your services and products load into a search engine in order to find relevant websites. The most successful SEO blogs routinely land their pages at the top of the search page, where the searchers will find it first, by keying on the buzz words and strategically placed keywords. Statistics have shown pages in the first five search engine spots usually are the ones making the most sales. Buzz words or keywords are good, however don’t overload the copy. For instance, a 500 word article should have no more than 3 or 4 keywords. They should come at the top, the middle and at the end of the content. Anything more is spam or junk mail.

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