NAVUG Forum 2012 Prep Under Way with New Tracks, More Attendees Expected

There may be a lull over the summer for Microsoft Dynamics
conferences (setting aside WPC, of course) but  they’ll be picking right back up in the
fall.  For NAVUG, their October Forum 2012 in Seattle looks to be the biggest
in terms of attendees – they’re on track for 300 – and new content to keep up
with the changing trends and the major ne…
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SMB Channel

What is the SMB Channel and why do so many corporate managers use the term today? The term SMB is short for Small Medium Businesses. The term channel is corporate speak for a market, sub-market, or grouping of customers. Thus, the term SMB Channel really refers to a target group of small to medium sized businesses that a large company may desire to market its products and service to. Most people would describe the channel in plain, straightforward language but every corporation has a knack for acronyms and making things sound more complicated than they really are.


The SMB Channel and its respective definitions will vary from one company to another. No two companies really seem to look at the term in the same exact way.

If we were to generalize, it is safe to say that small businesses can be viewed as companies that have fewer than ten employees and perhaps less than ten million in annual sales. When broadly defining medium sized businesses, it can be said that they are companies which have fewer than one hundred employees and perhaps less than fifty million in annual revenues. Again, these definitions will vary from industry to industry and even across companies within the same sector.


The SMB Channel matters because most Fortune 1000 and large companies have properly focused their energy and efforts on marketing to other sales channels.

Typically, larger companies have a well-established presence in government sales, large enterprise sales, retail sales, internet sales, original equipment manufacturer (oem) sales, and others. This small to medium business customer has been an elusive target for most corporations. When most company executives realize how large this market can be and it’s potential impact, they view the group as a gold mine.


It is not uncommon to see large companies shift resources to the task of selling more products and services to the SMB Channel. In fact, the companies that decide it is part of their core strategy will systematically allocate money, people, and assets to the channel. Money is an obvious and necessary component to drive efforts across the board. With people, it is now very common to have an executive team dedicated to the small to medium business channel. The organization will be aligned with corporate goals, but will pull resources from product, marketing, and other key functions within a company. It is the SMB executives task to make sure that they see growing revenues and profits as a result of small to medium businesses purchasing more and more of their products and services.


In a perfect scenario, companies will capture their market share from the SMB channel. However, that is typically not the case and the process is more of a journey than a project. Many times new partnerships are announced, new initiatives are created and they all seem to end in a lack of results. It is during these difficult times that an SMB strategic consultant will be engaged to help and assist the large company executive team. Together, they try to determine the potential points of concern that need to be addressed.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is Fastest Yet: Two Experts Weigh In

For all the excitement over the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics NAV
2013 release, it’s only since the beta release that the community been able to
put the software to the test in any open way.

Now we have a new look at performance metrics  in NAV 2013, including some compelling improvements
over various configurations of NAV 2009, both wi…
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The Forgotten SEO Strategy: Targeting Striking Distance Keywords

The science behind SEO is always fascinating. If it is part of your strategic marketing, then you will find this post interesting. A ranking improvement of 5 positions (from 11 to 6) resulted in a 273% increase in traffic while the same 5-position movement from 21 to 16 resulted in a marginal traffic increase of [...]…
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Microsoft to Acquire Yammer for $1.2 Billion

Microsoft will
acquire enterprise social network provider Yammer for $ 1.2 billion in cash,
confirming a weeks-long
rumor that had clearly caught the attention of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP
and CRM communities.

At last week’s Decisions
Spring 2012 conference, attendees treated the acquisition as a foregone
conclusion, asking Dynamics p…
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Why Blogging Gets No Love (And Why You Shouldn’t Care)

Are blogs really a dying breed or is it all media hype?  We recently read an article that says it’s the latter and that you really shouldn’t care, blogs are still a proven marketing vehicle.  According to the author there are several reasons blogs get no love: Blogging is difficult, and our world is lazy Media [...]…
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Vendor Seeking Partners for Cloud Sales, Employee Development, and Long Walks on the Beach

With all of the hundreds, heck, thousands, of cloud vendors that have launched in the past few years, as a partner it’s hard to decide which products to lead with, which programs will help you grow your business, and where to put your efforts. I’d never claim to have a handle on which programs best [...]…
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Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

In the marketing world, professionals refer to the amount of people they have access to at any given time “reach.” This describes how many people will see a promotional message when the professional decides to send one out. For small business owners or entrepreneurs, reach is an important aspect of getting things started, because it can often mean the differences between finding clients and building a client base and fading away. One way to boost your reach in a friendly way is to create an affiliate marketing plan for people interested in your products or services. The way it works is simple: you provide people with an affiliate code in order to track how much business they send your way and provide them with a percentage of the profit. While models can vary wildly depending on the business and industry, the bottom line is you are giving people the chance to make money by spreading the word about your products. The more you sell the affiliate product, the more you make. Often, the percentage rate varies between 40-50% of the total profit generated.

One of the benefits of affiliate marketing partnerships is it enables you to build a team dedicated to promoting your work rather than doing it alone. Each person that signs up as an affiliate of your product builds your total number of reach, thereby boosting exposure and increasing the chance of finding new customers interested in your offer.

Overall, the key to affiliate marketing partnerships is to provide an incentive for those interested in helping you sell your products or services. Keep them happy and they will keep promoting your work.

Need more credibility and resource tool about how to use affiliate marketing for your success [] will provide it.

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Experts Anticipate Dynamics NAV 2013 Enhancements, Offer Upgrade Recommendations

Decisions Spring 2012′s
live event wrapped up and all the sessions available
now on demand, we’re looking back at some of the highlights of each day. Microsoft
Dynamics NAV had its day on Wednesday, June 20, and two of the highlights -
from a newsworthiness perspective, anyway – were the two plenary sessions,
which focused heavily on the u…
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Starbucks opts for their own branded Wifi and drops co-branded Program with Bell

Have you tried using WiFi at a Starbucks in Toronto lately? I have…and the usual ‘BellWifi@Starbucks’ wireless network is no longer available and hasn’t been for a couple of weeks now. Not sure if this is the case all over Canada, yet I’m now directed to a network called ‘Starbucks WiFi’ powered by a provider [...]Partnership Marketing

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