How to acquire the right Marketing Partners to drive successful customer acquisition and distribution

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It’s not too late to sign up for my seminar on “How to acquire the right Marketing Partners to drive successful customer acquisition and distribution for your brand and products” which I will be giving tomorrow in downtown Toronto. You want to Partner with other brands, yet which ones should you be going after? Do [...]Partnership Marketing

The Difference between Proactive and Reactive Networking

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Most businessmen, CEOs and Business Development professionals would agree that networking (particularly when it leads to referrals) is a great way to build a business.  The problem is how do you do it cost effectively?  In many cases this means proactively to a process rather than reactively waiting for it to happen?  This question came [...]Alliancebestpractice’s Weblog

Presenting Without Bullet Points

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Have you ever sat through a presentation where someone reads the information on their slides?  If so, you’re in the majority.  Spitting out bullet points makes creating slides fast and easy.  But, this method of developing slides and presenting distracts the audience.  Not only is it boring for the audience to hear you redundantly share [...]…
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CA Technologies Global Partner Program Steps Up Partner Enablement

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CA Technologies steps up their channel partner enablement with with Global Partner Program. Channel partner communications, channel marketing, channel programs….
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Starbucks partners with Yahoo! to create in-store digital network

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Starbucks recently partnered with Yahoo! in the US and launched what they are calling a unique digital network in their 6,800 store locations. They already offer free Wi-Fi, so according to Starbucks senior management, this would be the next step in enhancing the customers digital experience. Starbucks hand picked a selection of popular sites like …
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Channel Partner Marketing Solutions

Article by Dandy Rockwell

For many companies to succeed they need to build strong business partners or channels with other businesses. Channel partner marketing helps form strong alliances and working relationships with other businesses in retailing, dealership and reselling of products for the main companies. It is through this solution that companies and organizations can reach millions of possible customers or consumers. Having the right type of channel partner marketing solution can be very efficient and effective for businesses and organizations. There are now a lot of big businesses that have channel partners however they don’t use the most effective solution for them to better maximize their earnings and profits.

The term channel partnership can be best described and defined as the type of partnership that exists between manufacturers and retailers. Manufacturers or producers of certain types of products need to establish a strong and effective partnership with dealers and resellers to better get their products out in the market. With today’s great competition, having multiple and effective channel partners would be a great advantage over competitors. One of the main problems that can be seen with having multiple channel partners in marketing is communication with the different dealers and retailers. Oftentimes, manufacturers cannot effectively relay important messages or updates about their products to their different resellers and dealers. This leads to new products not being sold and dealers not knowing how to properly address queries regarding the latest products they sell.

To solve these types of problems, manufacturers and producers would have to come up and use an effective channel partner marketing solution for their resellers. Having this type of solution would greatly maximize profits and benefits for both the manufacturers and resellers. One of the best available solutions for better communication between manufacturers and dealers would be establishing an effective channel portal. Manufacturers would need to create a channel portal for their partners; this is usually a web-based program that has sufficient information, marketing resources, pricing information, sales guide and technical support for specific products. Having this type of web-based solution would ensure that the correct and latest information would be properly conveyed to resellers and dealers.

Another effective function of channel partner marketing solutions is that it will provide an effective solution for monitoring sales and progress from the different dealers. This solution will also ensure that certain skills of resellers are always updated to maximize better sales and profits. Big businesses especially those who are on the global market will need to find a way to keep their different resellers updated at all times. Having the best channel partner marketing solution would help ensure producers that their resellers are competitive for global standards. There are now several great vendors of channel portals on the internet today and choosing the best one will be the most cost effective solution for your growing business. By carefully studying all the available information, you can select the best suited channel partner portal solution for your business needs. Make sure to check the different vendors first to get the best software solution for your needs.

Author is a specialist with a leading Channel Management Software vendor. She writes helpful strategies and articles for making businesses successful in today’s modern market.

How do you build an alliance balanced scorecard?

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Alliance Best Practice (ABP) has been looking actively at the area of alliance metrics recently.  From our research with Chief Alliance Officers (CAOs) a number of things seem clear: Most organisations are actively reassessing their partnership choices because of reduced or static resources brought about by the recession. When they are assessing …
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In Bed With the Enemy–How to Successfully Partner With Your Competition

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How channel marketers can add value when visiting partners and customers

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Channel Marketers, do you ever struggle to find how you can add value when going on partner and customer visits?  If you’re in a large company with Product Managers, Product Marketers, Segment Marketers, Channel Account Managers, and Field Engineers, you may think your value is very limited when visiting partners and customers.  Let me as…
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Tridel & The Art Shoppe – Partnering to sell more condos

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I recently came across a direct mail piece from Tridel advertising their latest luxury condo development called “The Republic of Yonge & Eglinton” and took particular note of the partnership with a local high end furniture store called The Art Shoppe who happens to have their Toronto store location a few doors down from where [...]<... Partnership Marketing

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