Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: Ignify eCommerce Release; Master VAR Adds; EDI Win; Retail Exec Hire; CRM VAR Milestone

In this week’s Microsoft Dynamics partner news

  • Ignify
    Rolls Out New Version of eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics
  • Enterprise
    Data Solutions, SCAS Accepted as Socius Affiliates in Master VAR Program             
  • Data
    Masons Welcomes Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 EDI Customer Ca…
    Microsoft Dynamics News

Benefits of Qatar Partnership

Are you looking for a Qatar partnership opportunity for running an Internet-based business? WSI Estisharatech, a leading franchise for Internet marketing and Web design services, is offering a proven Internet franchisee strategy for clients worldwide. The company has implemented a highly profitable franchisee model that incorporates the best training platforms and operational support systems. The benefits offered by this Qatar partnership opportunity are summarized below.

Freedom to Do Business: As a Qatar partnership franchisee, you are allowed to grow your business under the brand of WSI Estisharatech, while you have complete freedom to run your business. You are free to decide on working hours, employees, and more. This type of Qatar partnership also allows you to take strategic decisions independently to improve your business.

Professional Training: By engaging in a Qatar partnership with WSI Estisharatech, you are entitled to benefit from world-class training and a proven business model. The company provides you with all the training required to own and run an Internet marketing business successfully. WSI Estisharatech believes that this training enables the franchisees to offer quality services to customers.

As a Qatar partnership associate with WSI, you will be given training and access to the company’s marketing tools, strategies and resources. At the end of the training, you will become a Certified Internet Consultant, your ticket to the world of Internet marketing business. The certification allows you to earn continuous operations support from the company and access the proven business model throughout your Qatar partnership.

Operational Support: Being a Qatar partnership firm of WSI, you are given access to various products and services offered by the company. The Qatar partnership agreement also entitles you to earn operational support required to run and manage your business in this challenging market scenario. This includes live telephone support, e-mails, collaboration tools, and a private intranet that offers a variety of tools to facilitate smooth business processes.

As a WSI franchisee, you can offer up-to-date Internet products and services to your client. The Qatar partnership opportunity gives you access to the most advanced Internet marketing services, e-commerce products, content management systems, security products, and more. These are made available through WSI’s private e-marketplace that makes the new products and services available to partnering companies.

Revenue Opportunities: In most Qatar partnerships, revenue opportunities are limited. WSI Estisharatech believes in building a long-term association with its partners. The focus is to build a reputed business network that caters to customers from all parts of the world. With this plan, WSI offers all the support and benefits to ensure that they deliver competitive service in the market. Through this Qatar partnership, the franchisees are offered infinite opportunities to earn revenue by leveraging the business model offered by WSI.

Want a successful business?Contact WSI Estisharatech, offering WSI Internet Marketing Franchise & Affiliation program to individuals to start their own business.

Facebook Marketing – Partnership Promoting Do’s and Don’ts

Article by Bryon Eaton

Facebook Marketing – Partnership Promoting Do’s and Don’ts – Advertising

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If you’re in the direct marketing and advertising or network advertising and marketing sector, you deserve to take advantage of the a lot of connections you can advantage from by using a Facebook Advertising Tactic. Facebook has adjusted the way we communicate forever. Exactly where there utilised to be six degrees of separation, there is now one particular or much less! If you’re targeted on client partnership advertising and marketing you deserve to be where key communication is building and the place there’s significant communication, there’s significant funds to be made. The Facebook advertising and marketing suggestions below will empower you to use social media to get benefits in your immediate sales organization.Assume back again to all the past inventions of communication and you’ll see how it impacted transaction advertising and marketing. From the telegraph, the phone, radio, tv, email, to the web, all of these new innovations in media created new funds for firms. 1000′s of corporations that didn’t exist were also designed from these several varieties of media and integrated promoting approaches. Each and every new media was a faster way to communicate which also signifies individuals created income speedier also.Anybody Can Use Facebook Marketing Course} Tips In Immediate Revenue or Network Advertising

No knowledge is needed- a newbie can do it.Will take no time- thirty minutes a day.It’s Free of charge!The Do’s And Don’ts Of Facebook AdvertisingDon’t Ever Spam People. Don’t Pitch your “business opportunity” on your wall or anywhere else all the time. This helps make you glimpse desperate.Don’t Sale your organization on very first get hold of.Don’t excessively publish on people’s walls or group walls. Facebook will temporarily block you from posting for spam abuse. Your account could be terminated.Do’s of Facebook PromotingEffective profile setup. To be successful in romance marketing and advertising, generally state your special promoting proposition.Take a Facebook Marketing Course to learn the best practices!!Profile photograph ought to represent you as a qualified.Connect with individuals. Search groups and connect with like minded folks.Request friends and accept friends with a wonderful welcome message. Give them worth before you pitch.Make up a group of your very own. This is the very best way to give more important information and make far more important connections.About the Author

Just a writer! Love to write!

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Bryon Eaton

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New Microsoft Dynamics Social CRM White Paper: What They Can Deliver Today?

Microsoft has released a
new Microsoft Dynamics white
paper on social CRM that consolidates analyst thinking  on the business opportunities that can be
advanced with the use of social technology and explores the ways Microsoft has incorporated
those ideas into its products.

The white paper
segments existing Microsoft social capabiliti…
Microsoft Dynamics News

Miller Heiman Acquires Impact Learning Systems

Miller Heiman Acquires Impact Learning Systems

Miller Heiman has announced the acquisition of inside sales and customer service experts Impact Learning Systems of San Louis Obis…
Channel Matters Blog

Top 10 B2B Marketing Mistakes

  Let’s face it, even the most seasoned marketing professionals can make mistakes when it comes to tactics or implentation of their marketing strategies. We found this helpful quick list of top 10 most common B2B pitfalls and how to avoid them 1. Not finding the fish 2. Traveling on the same path as before [...]…
Achieve Market Leadership

Top trends in cloud computing for SMEs

Top trends in cloud computing for SMEs

Following Gartner’s recent report on what it sees as the 5 key trends that will shape cloud computing strategies between now and 2015, Ian…
Channel Matters Blog

Avalara in Agreement with Microsoft to Offer Free Sales Tax Data for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sales tax automation
solution provider Avalara announced this
week a new promotion, endorsed by Microsoft, that offers new Dynamics AX and AX
for Retail customers  a free one-time
download of sales tax rates for all of their locations through AvaTa…
Microsoft Dynamics News

What Are OEM Products and How Can I Start Buying and Reselling Them?

Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM, products are sold by manufacturers to dealers, who resell them to retail customers. These products are shipped from the manufacturers without some non-key components such as instruction manuals, packaging, or software. This reduces the cost of the product drastically compared to retail products.

The Business Opportunity

Buying and selling OEM products offers a great business opportunity. After buying the products directly from the manufacturer, the dealer then performs a value addition process whereby the product is made ready for the retail market. For example, a reseller can add value to a computer product by installing new software on it. Other resellers add accessories to enhance customer appeal, print out and insert instruction manuals, or enhance the products’ packaging. The dealer then resells the items at the current market rate. The difference between purchase cost and market cost is the reseller’s profit.

Evaluating the Market

Selling OEM products requires more investment than other reseller marketing plans. For one, you need to order merchandise and store it, as opposed to drop shipping, in which a reseller has products shipped to customers directly from the manufacturer. This involves greater cost and greater risk, particularly if you are unable to sell all your stock.

To avoid risks and eliminate unnecessary costs, value added resellers must assess the market before ordering products. In particular, they need to find answers to the following questions:

• Is there considerable demand for the product? • Can I buy the products at a low cost? • What is the manufacturer’s minimum wholesale order? • Can I move all my stock? • Can I maintain a good profit margin? • Do I have the required expertise for value addition? • How much will I need to spend on value addition?

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Reselling original equipment requires considerable planning. The reseller must also have the skills to add true value to make the product attractive to consumers. For this reason, most resellers specialize in computer-related products. It is easier to add simple software or code to a device than to invent in the manufacture of accessories for the product. If a reseller has expertise in creating software, then he or she can add value to the product at little cost.

This does not mean that all resellers should buy and sell computer related products. The wrong niche can doom a business before it takes off. Value added resellers must select products with which they are familiar and can “tinker” with without damaging. The product should also bring in enough profits to cover purchase as well as value addition costs. It also helps if they enjoy working with the products.

Besides computers, laptops, and accessories, resellers can trade in electronic goods such as digital cameras, Bluetooth-enabled devices, and e-readers. Car accessories are also popular. A very lucrative product niche is the medical products market. However, owing to stringent standards, it is important that only people with knowledge of medical products and regulations specialize in this niche.

Another mistake value added resellers make is in the selection of suppliers. Your source for OEM products should be reliable, provide timely delivery, and have a ready supply of products. If you are sourcing products from different suppliers to put together a single item for sale, you need to make sure that the products are high quality and compatible with each other.

Some inexperienced resellers pass off fake products as the genuine item. This has serious consequences. First, your business can be shut down for selling fake branded items. Second, your reputation can suffer. The original manufacturers may sue the reseller for copyright infringement or authorities may bring criminal charges against the reseller.

Choosing a Business Model

Using your own expertise for value addition is a low-cost, high-return OEM products business model. If you are not an expert coder or programmer or have no idea how to write instruction booklets, there are other business models to follow. However, they take more time and require the reseller to have access to a basic manufacturing facility. For example, if you can manufacture computer accessories or packaging, a supplier can sell you no-frills products that you can assemble and sell at market prices. The drawback is that this business model is not feasible for those who want to work from home.

Selling Online

If you work from home, you most likely will be reselling original equipment online. Setting up your own website involves additional expenses. You also have to ensure foolproof website security, because the site will be handling customer data such as credit card and contact information.

If maintaining a website seems like too much work, you can sell via online auction sites such as eBay or Amazon.

Value added resellers can make a lot of money buying and selling OEM products. This is a perfect work-from-home business opportunity that allows you to have an income beyond a paycheck. It may even become a full-time business.

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Get Your Story Straight… Because It’s the Key to Your Success

  What’s your story?  Market leaders tell powerful stories. Their focus is not on technology and product pushing but sharing a thought-provoking point of view that resonates with buyers. We recently ran across an interesting article that talks about storytelling and the 3 questions that the most effective positioning stories must answer…
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