Exploring Discrete Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: An Interview with Scott Hamilton

Over recent releases, Microsoft Dynamics AX has maintained
a clear and continued focus on the needs of discrete and process manufacturers.  This focus is reflected in Microsoft’s
R&D investments which have significantly accelerated the rate of new
capabilities added to Dynamics AX, most recently with the release of AX 2012. 

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B2B Channel Marketing

B2B Channel Marketing Tremendous sales growth is available through B2B channel marketing, but the process takes time, resources and skill. Here are some of the ins and outs of B2B channel marketing. A marketing channel is the process and system that transfers a good from the point of production to the point of consumption and [...]…
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5 Ways to Use B2B Social Media to Improve Content Sharing

  Are you utilizing social media marketing to its full potential when it comes to custom content sharing? This article provides a good example of how B2B organizations should share custom content across their websites and all social properties to help drive traffic and leads. Read the full article here  …
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U.S. Partner News for Friday, August 17, 2012

imageMicrosoft U.S. Partner Team

Pinpoint Pointers: 5 Things That Will Make Your Profile Stand Out

By Tina Hanson, Microsoft Pinpoint Lead, U.S. Partner Team

Tina Hanson (Parkhouse) 2011Microsoft U.S. Partner Team

Diving Deeper into the Upcoming Microsoft Dynamics GP Pricing Changes to Discover Real Savings

Microsoft first announced the new "Perpetual Pricing" model for Microsoft
Dynamics GP 2013 and NAV 2013 at its Worldwide Partner Conference in July. The
new pricing model will result in far fewer individual line items in the price
list, with the aim of making it easier for partners to generate quotes and
customers to understand them. …
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Effective Use of Partner Training for Business Management

Article by Maria Contreras

Effective Use of Partner Training for Business Management – Business – Management

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Partner portals are online programs which will give your channel partners and moreover affiliates totally free or else limited access to a huge range of sales and also marketing resources. A partner portal is a technique that gives your channel partners a number of helpful e-tools that allow them to function much better for you. Channel partners might have direct access to important information including statistics for sales and moreover commission; existing status of customers’ orders and therefore about upcoming sales.

Partner Portal Security

Although utilization of partner portals you will definitely improve your partner communication and also administration, yet this web-based software moreover gives your partners admittance to your corporation’s confidential information. There’s need, hence, to set up secure sign in procedures and allocate credentials so that you can constrain and even control the flow of important details.

This is easily done if the partner portal is positioned on the organization server. Your affiliate marketers and also partners can access it through a branded landing page or a link on your main website. This will take them to the portal’s sign in page. When their sign in credentials are verified by the hosting server, your channel partners will be able to access all the information that is authorized by the system administrator.

3 reasons why portals are very good for Channel Partner Marketing

A lot of resellers and also affiliate marketing programs utilize partner portals on a regular basis. Here are three reasons why:

1. Your channel partner is able to directly access to all the activities in addition to details regarding his account. This will save on a lot of precious time period.

2. Partner portals allow channel partners to carry on with customer service and utilize other strategies for channel marketing, along with those provided by your organization.

3. It will be simpler and easier for your partners to organize future sales and even advertising procedures as well as keep track of the work being made in this direction.

The part of Partner Portals in Channel Marketing

There are various components in the portal system which will play a significant role in applying channel management strategies. Here are some components:

* Big Box Merchants - Middlemen who move bulk quantities among other things

* Master Distributors - Their job is to supply merchandise to small vendors

* Buyer Groups - These buy bulk goods from manufacturers and even marketers

* Channels - These move the goods or service to the end end users

* Brokers - They assist in sales as well as negotiate deals and moreover partnerships between companies

* Independent Representatives - These help makers as well as suppliers to get access to local markets

* Dealers or Resellers - These individually supply support to customers on behalf of vendors

The channel marketing process operates smoothly only if all of these factors work together harmoniously. Manufacturers and moreover companies will need to utilize partner portals to keep their channel partners up to date about the corporation’s activities. Portals provide crucial data about your goods and even services to your channel partners so that they can prepare better systems. Well maintained and also efficiently managed partner portals might increase revenue and moreover enhance the way your business is run.

About the Author

Maria Contreras works as a consultant for one of the reputed PRM firm. Being a passionate writer, she loves to give answers to topics related to channel management, partner management, partner training programs and much more. She has her best hand on designing some of the most sales effective for partner marketing industries worldwide.

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whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

Maria Contreras

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Getting to Know the HRM Self Service Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal

So, let’s say you have installed Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP and
you’re taking advantage of its benefits but you are struggling to explain the value of  deploying the HRM
Self Service Suite for your users.

At a recent online meeting of the Dynamics
GP User Group, Joseph Tews from Agri-Cover Inc. shared some insights into…
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3 Ways Lead Nurturing is Like Dating

3 Ways Lead Nurturing is Like Dating The lead nurturing process can be very similar to dating. They both usually take place gradually over time and in order to be successful, they require both parties to be on the same page and in sync with each other. Don’t scare them off on the first date. [...]…
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