Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Anticipation Builds Amid Release Preparation Activities

For Microsoft Dynamics GP professionals and users on the leading
edge, few things will dominate the conversation these days like the impending  GP 2013 release. 

GP 2013 features have been getting coverage and reviews from
GP veterans like Mark
Polino, Mariano Gomez,
and Ian Grieve. 

According to Polino, out of the upcomin…
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Content Marketing in a Blink (Infographic)

  Check out this good visual illustrating content marketing and the connection between content type, distribution channel and the multi-stage purchase funnel… For a full view of the infographic and to read the article, click here.  …
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How Prison Educators Transform Themselves Into Value Added Representatives

In beginning a search for the most effective way to influence a change in offender behavior, it is necessary to review a few basic tenets.

No program will help a person who is not sincerely committed to changing their life.
Most criminal offenders are nontraditional learners.
External changes last only as long as a person is under supervision or in custody.
90% of the offender population made a conscious choice to commit crime.
Offenders need to become adept at measuring the long-term and short-term costs of their actions.
The Value of Values

In order to apply these tenets — to move theory into practice — educators and facilitators must understand the key role that is played by the value system of each offender. The fact is, many offenders have heard the good versus bad rhetoric many times. They are well aware of right and wrong in the eyes of society. The evidence indicates that it’s not that offenders don’t understand the values. It shows instead that, for one reason or another, they see no value in the mainstream system or no place for themselves within it. Put in that light, the focus must shift from the external forces of society to an introspective analysis of the individual.

Value Added

In designing or implementing programs for change, it is helpful to borrow from business the concept of the value-added reseller (VAR). A repetitive drone of the virtues of right versus wrong will not change behaviors. They will be changed when a value is added to the concepts the system is trying to sell. In other words, each offender needs to decide for him or herself that the doors opened through appropriate behavior are worth the immediate cost (change).

This cost analysis begins with an honest look at the values that drive individual offender behavior. For example, an Orange offender might indicate that he or she values drugs. Given the task at hand, it may seem appropriate to respond to this with a consequence statement. That statement however, does not provide the offender a chance to delve into his or her values, joys, needs, and strengths. When invited (or prodded) to dig deeper, he or she will find that it’s not the drugs that hold the value; rather it’s the risk-taking, fun, and freedom that they provide (at least temporarily).

Once down to the basics that drive the behavior, we need to continue to build in introspection and analysis of those driving forces. We need to begin building connections between offender values, behaviors, and goals. Only when we include this value added component, will significant and lasting behavioral change begin to occur.

If you’re not exactly sure if you are primarily a Blue, Gold, Green, or Orange personality type, then check out the free test at where you can learn more about human temperament. When you subscribe to the free blog, you’ll also receive a number of tips and strategies for finding more success with the people in your life, both at home and in the workplace.

About the Author: Nathan Bryce is the inventor of the world’s first patented personality system, the Insight Temperament System, which applies the research of Carl Jung, David Keirsey, Isabel Myers (and many others) into real-life settings. His educational company, the non-profit Insight Learning Foundation, teaches hundreds of thousands of people all around the world how to understand people better. Please visit for more information.

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Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: Master Data; Lync with CRM; eCommerce on Windows Server 2012; AX Manufacturing Win; NAV with Services Management

In this week’s Microsoft Dynamics partner news

  • Arbela
    Launches Enhanced Master Data Centralization for Dynamics AX 2012
    Releases New Version Of Its TelephoneIntegration Addon
  • eCommerce
    Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics is Certified for Windows Server 2012
  • C…
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Microsoft Dynamics GP Team Offers New Tips for Selling Against NetSuite

Microsoft may only claim to see NetSuite in a "small
percentage" of its competitive Dynamics GP deals, as product manager Jay
Manley writes
in a new blog post, but he wants GP partners to arm themselves with the
latest competitive responses to the charges that NetSuite may throw down, which
he has posted
to PartnerSource. 

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Content Marketing and Social Media Spell Differentiation for Channel Players

This week we are pleased to include a guest blog from Jeff Hine, Founder and Managing Director, Clear Sight Consulting. Jeff is a Technology Writer, Marketer, and Consultant, focused on IT Services, Channel Routes to Market, and Emerging Trends in Cloud Computing. His expertise is grounded in a 20 year career of selling technology to [...]

Channel Maven Consulting

How a Digitally Savvy CMO Can Increase Shareholder Value

  Do companies with digitally-savvy CMOs outperform their market peers?  We think so. We recently ran across  an article that gives several good examples to back up that thinking, along with 3 interactive marketing strategies that can assist with boosting shareholder value: Pair memorable creative with effective targeting Engage consumers w…
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Off-Shoring and Strategic Partnership

Companies that are highly dependent on information and systems should renovate constantly. There is more and more information to be processed because companies and their environments get more complex. Products are enhanced with more features because of constant innovation. Also the internet society adds an interesting element in this complexity which is the chaining of activities. We depend more than ever on others and the exchange of information is key to keep up with this contest.

Systems take care of this stream of information, but only if they are designed well. Over the years this has resulted in various types of solutions. Companies, especially the larger ones have applied there own resources in building a system. Then other companies took over this specialization and they designed and developed specific packages that were sold to other companies. Outsourcing followed on the trend that companies should focus on their core business. Off-shoring is somewhere in between all these developments. Off-shoring is a process where a demanding company designs it own system, but will use the human resources of others – low cost countries – when building them.

The advantage of such an initiative is that the system is still build tailored to the specific needs of the company, but at a lower cost. The advantage above buying a standard system is that the competitive advantage can be increased. If all companies use the same kind of system, how can they differentiate from each other?

Disadvantages are that the interactions with a third party are very hard to manage. First of all there is a significant learning curve. Normal communication within a company is challenging, communication with an unknown party, with another cultural background is a challenge of an other dimension. This communication problem can be solved by investing in documentation (specification of the requirements) but this is just one of these things that are boring and tiring and… expensive. So the effect of using low cost resources is relative. So you should never do this for a one-time occasion only. Therefore the learning costs are too high.

If you want to go this direction, it should be a strategic choice and not something you want to try for only once. You are best served with a strategic partnership.

© 2006 Hans Bool

Hans Bool is the founder of Astor White a traditional management consulting company that offers online management advice. Astor Online solves issues in hours what normally would take days. You can apply for a free demo account

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New Webcast Lineup Turns Focus to Key Business, Industry Needs of Microsoft Dynamics Users and Pros

September is shaping up to be a busy month here at  With the launch of eight new webcast series
that will run throughout the fall, our event focus will be on business needs
that impact a broad range of people the Dynamics community.

All our live webcasts will be free to attend and usually
scheduled for between 11a…
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