WPC 2012 Notebook: A Look Back at the Big Stories for Microsoft Dynamics Partners

WPC 2012 may have kicked off a bit on the quiet side for those watching the Microsoft Dynamics, but as the week in Toronto picked up, the event delivered a series of important announcements, from product management to marketing to the state of the channel.

As the author of an annual post-WPC report for Dynamics partners for several ye…
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The Opportunities and Challenges of Business Process Outsourcing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Business Process
Outsourcing (BPO) has been around for decades, but has really only taken off at
the outbreak of the new century, and for the past decade it has kept growing.
Depending on which statistics or analyst firm you want to trust, the scale of
the BPO market is currently somewhere in between 120 and 300 billion US$ , but
what all of ana…
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Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: RMS Integration to Lemon; Staffing GP Win; eCommerce CfMD

In this week’s Microsoft Dynamics partner news

  • Retail
    Realm and Lemon Announce Microsoft Dynamics RMS Integration for Instant
  • Venteon
    Holdings, LLC Selects 1Staff Back Office and Microsoft Dynamics GP from
    Professional Advantage
  • Ignify
    eCommerce Achieves Certified for Micro…
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Customer Based Alliances

The customer or client base of a business or professional is an often overlooked, hidden marketing asset.

Many times business owners will rely on referrals for sources of new business. This can be effective if the business really doesn’t want to grow in a significant way. Referrals will come naturally if the customer has been satisfied and thinks about telling a friend or relative about the service or product.

However, referrals may soon come to an end. This can happen if the business does not continue to communicate or indicate to customers that they are excited for and appreciate their business.

Simply be up front with customers and indicate to them that you are interested in building your business.

A business owner will want to take a look at the customer or client base and see where possible letters of endorsement might be found. A letter of endorsement simply means that the customer or client would have a customer or client base that would make excellent prospects for the business and business owner.

For example, a C.P.A. firm would likely have several businesses within its client base that also have businesses as their clients. A letter of endorsement would go from the C.P.A. firm’s client to their customer or client base.

The letter might go something like:

Dear Client,

We have done business for the past several years with XYZ CPA. firm. They have done a superb job of taking care of our audits, taxes, and in finding ways that we can save money on a regular basis.

They have agreed to do a special workshop for our customers. We would like to invite you to a special seminar/workshop put on by C.P.A. firm ‘X’ at this time.

They will be talking about employee benefits. From our experience, this topic has been very helpful in understanding benefits better and the partners at ‘X’ C.P.A. firm will do a great job in explaining changes in this area to you.

There will be light refreshments served after the seminar and we know that you will find it very beneficial. We hope that you’re able to attend.


This letter does two things. First, it is a letter of appreciation being given from the C.P.A. firm to its client base. It is a service offered by the C.P.A. firm to the C.P.A. client’s customer base.

Second, it becomes a referral source for the C.P.A. firm. The marketing should all be done by the C.P.A. firm at the C.P.A. firm’s expense. But it can be a terrific way to make an alliance with a client base to put the C.P.A. firm, or any other business in touch with additional prospective clients.

You probably have similar information or services you could offer to the customers and clients of your customers and clients. This technique, which is rarely used effectively, can bring big increases in your business volume and prospects.

As a self-employed business software developer and marketing consultant for over 30 years, I’ve worked with the owners of small businesses in over 30 different industries and disciplines, learning about how things should and should not be done. Now I’m working to help other business owners learn some of the same rules.

Visit to learn about more techniques from a system that can really improve your business without spending more money on advertising.

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Microsoft Reports Fourth Quarter Loss, Continued MBS and Dynamics Revenue Growth

Corp. today announced quarterly revenue of $ 18.06 billion for the quarter ended
June 30, 2012, a 7% increase from the prior year period, but also reported its
previously disclosed loss per share of $ .06 due to a $ 6 billion write down on
an earlier software acquisition.

earnings were $ 0.73 per share, according to the…
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Keep All the Balls in the Air: Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Service Firm’s Total Operations Solution

When a small business makes an investment in new CRM
software, even just a few seats, it needs to deliver some tangible value and address real pain points, often those outside of the typical realm of the
customer relationship.  And when the requirements can be met with xRM capabilities – with a little creativity – that solution can bring bette…
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The Power of the Worker Role: Windows Azure + Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Better Together, Part Three

If you are using Windows Azure, then you
have probably noticed huge amount of recent changes. We have a new portal which
looks and functions very nicely, more IaaS, and a lot of extended capabilities.
Scott Guthrie  published a summary article on his blog about
new Azure 2.0 that is worth a look.

Let’s than start with another part of…
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Socius Taps Six Microsoft Dynamics Partners for its Affiliate Network

Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR Socius has announced the acceptance of six
additional partners into their exclusive Affiliate Network.

As a Master VAR, Socius provides benefits to its
affiliate organizations to help them adopt best-practices and implement proven
strategies to increase their businesses while continuing to serve their
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What Problems is Your Content Solving?

Is your custom content selling products and services or selling solutions to your customer’s pain points? “People don’t want quarter-inch drills… they want quarter-inch holes.” Read the full article, What Problems is Your Content Solving? here…
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Oracle Invests in Channel Partner Development with the FY 13 Oracle PartnerNetwork’s Kickoff

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the most successful channels are born out of successful channel communication, and that’s what we saw with the FY13 Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Oracle Kickoff. While we won’t get into Oracle’s partner strategy, we will discuss how their communication strategy shined. To start, Oracle lets it…
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