Engage Partners in Social Media to Increase Sales

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At CFNA this year, we heard several vendors discussing how to manage a LinkedIn group at a very nuts-and-bolts stage and having questions about how to start a social plan. Long gone will be the days of “butts in seats”, as call centers dial campaign messages into partners on behalf of vendors. The new day [...]…
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Marketing Partners….Meet them halfway

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Are your Marketing Partners asking for too much? Sometimes that’s just the reality of partnering with others. Finding the right balance isn’t easy. You want to make them happy, but you want to stay true to who you are. Modifying products and services to meet their requirements can steer you away from your core business [...]Partnership Marketing

Understand Reseller Hosting

Basically, the name reseller means a person who buys and sells. In this case, reseller hosting is an attempt made by a middle-man or a reseller selling web space that is available on another’s server. The present trend of today’s market world depends solely on web space that is required to create blogs etc. People create a domain name and do web hosting to advertise their products online. There are various types of reseller hosting.

In the first instance, the middle man is considered the agent for a particular web hosting company. The advertisements of web space are advertised by the reseller and every person that buys this web space directly from the web hosting company, the reseller gets a percentage from the sale.

In the second instance, the reseller is the marketer of the company being hosted on the web. He advertises the services on behalf of the company and people buy web space through the reseller, but they have direct contact with the web hosting company for further assistance after they purchase the space.

The third case is when the reseller is the web hosting company itself; the customers buy the web space from the reseller who has bought from the actual web company for a lower price.

If assistance is required the reseller provides this and not the company.

The best way to understand reseller hosting is that when the customers buy web space through the reseller he/she gets a percentage from the payment as a commission for selling space. In most cases, resellers purchase bulk quantities of bandwidth and space from the web hosting company and divide it into smaller chunks of space or bandwidth and sell it to customers. In these cases, the reseller is contacted for support.

If one is planning to start a company and do business online, the first point to consider is reseller hosting where one can share information throughout the world to customers interested in a particular project. The best uses of reseller hosting is to sell the resources of web hosting and also to gain power and get more visitors to the site.

Reseller hosting is also known as website flipping. By this process, a reseller buys up the web space and the domain, adds more value by increasing the revenue and improving the conversions and resells it for huge profits. Some resellers would add a mailing list or redesign the entire site, which would then fetch them more than what was actually paid for it.

The object of flipping websites is buying weak websites and building them up before selling it for a profit. In most cases, the website is used by a start-up company to build sites from the basic level and increase its value by adding more benefits to it. When it has reached a high level, the site is sold for high profits. This is reseller hosting and web flipping involves in order to make huge profits in online business by not actually selling products but space.

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Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). This strategic alliance of countries, international and regional organizations and private foundations supports 15 international agricultural research centers that mobilize cutting-edge food and environmental science to foster growth, reduce hunger and poverty, and protect the environment.

Program on Fisheries (PROFISH). With about 75 percent of marine fisheries either partially or fully exploited, the livelihoods of about 200 million people are threatened. This partnership will tackle the problem on two fronts: policy and investment. The partnership helps countries build consensus around fishery sector strategies and mainstream those strategies into national economic planning frameworks. The more recent Strategic Partnership for a Sustainable Fisheries Investment Fund in the Large Marine Ecosystems of Sub-Saharan Africa is a grant mechanism to co-finance country-level fisheries projects.

International Assessment of Agricultural Science & Technology for Development (IAASTD).

This assessment, led by the Bank in cooperation with other UN agencies, is looking at both past and potential impacts of agricultural knowledge, science, and technology on development including a global assessment and five regional assessments.

Global Forest Alliance 2015. The Global Forest Alliance (GFA) 2015 is a new initiative to consolidate and galvanize synergies among the existing successful forest partnerships. Endorsed by President Wolfowitz in February 2007, the GFA is currently being developed with bilateral donor, civil society, and private sector partners. The partnership will seize new opportunities presented in relation to avoided deforestation to mitigate climate change and strengthen implementation of the 2002 Forests Strategy through the leveraging of new sources of concessional financing and grants.

Global Donor Platform for Rural Development (GDPRD). Established in 2003, the GDPRD has over 26 member organizations and focuses on advocacy for agriculture and rural development, creating and sharing knowledge for the development community, and harmonizing donor activities in countries (for which it has pilots in four countries). The GDPRD also collaborates with the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) on agriculture issues for the region.

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Through Partner Marketing – Marketing Automation Alone is Not Enough

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Many of our clients are wrestling with how to best enable partners to design and execute better co-marketing campaigns. With the advent of new media channels, the range and type of marketing activities available has grown exponentially from the early days of direct mail, email and advertising. We view Through Partner Marketing as being grouped […..
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Value-Added Reselling for Fun and Profit

Value-Added Reselling for Fun and Profit

The Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) states that we get about 80% of results from 20% of our efforts; conversely, we get 20% of our results from the other 80% of our efforts. Of course, these numbers are not precise but merely a rule of thumb. The key is to do more of the 20% that gets results and less of the other 80% that does not get good results. Easier said than done.

How can we better apply the Pareto Principle in our business life? One obvious application is for us to focus our energy on what we do best, while simultaneously leveraging the efforts of other firms who are doing what they do best. We already naturally do that to some extent. If we are in sales, we generally do not do the accounting for our firm too. If we are an accountant, we do not design the software we use.

How can this concept be extended beyond the simple division of labor, and help us maximize revenue and profits? The key is to continue to do what you do best, while simultaneously leveraging what other firms do best. If you are a Web designer then continue to focus on designing. If you want to expand into other product or service lines, do not try to re-invent the wheel. Instead, find a good firm to partner with, and resell their services under your brand. They do the work; you reap the profits.

For example, a Web designer might enter a relationship with a firm that develops permission-based email marketing services. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I work for EZ Publishing, the creator of the StreamSend email marketing service. This means that I can engage in shameless promotion, while at the same time help you by illustrating the Pareto Principle using an example I know very well.

The key to all this is to find an extension of your business that is a natural fit. If you are an accountant you do not want to extend your services to include pizza delivery. You would only expand your business in ways that make sense to you, and that enable you to build on what you already do well. Whatever you choose should also enable you to leverage your current client base. That is, it should be a service that your current clients are likely to want. You can find out what your clients want by talking with them, and even conducting formal surveys.

We find that Web designers often find synergy in reselling permission-based email marketing services because it fits the criteria outlined above. They have a client base for whom they have designed websites, and for whom email marketing is an appealing marketing tool.

Web designers mostly do project work which is great, though they often earn limited monthly recurring revenue. Reselling permission-based email marketing offers them an opportunity to earn more recurring revenue and more revenue per client.

Web design firms usually offer value-added services on top of the email marketing services, such as designing graphics and HTML email templates. Email marketing services typically serve as a foundation for these value-added services.

Firms that specialize in marketing services and consulting often sell the permission-based email marketing services along with marketing consulting, design, copywriting, and production. Often email marketing is just one component of an overall marketing plan – though the marketing firm often also sells email marketing services as a standalone, self-service product to earn passive recurring revenue.

The next step toward expanding your business in this way is to do some research on what your clients want. Then pick a service you want to sell and find a good partner in that sector. Try some experimentation, as not all reselling efforts will work well or fit with your business model. Do not be afraid to jettison reselling arrangements that do not work well after a reasonable time. Try something else.

For more on the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule), I recommend Richard Koch’s The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less or his other books on the topic. He explains how the 80-20 rule works, and how you can use it to achieve more both in your business and personal life. It really does work.

Neil Anuskiewicz is the Marketing Manager of EZ Publishing. In addition to developing custom web applications, EZ PUblishing is the creator of the StreamSend Email Marketing permission-based service. The firm also has an active email marketing reseller program.

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The Power of SEO for Channel Marketing

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Channel Maven’s thoughts on why SEO matters and the basics on how to start integrating it into your marketing work….
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The 10 Biggest Social Media Lies

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Interesting article dispelling some popular social media networking myths.  Surprising to learn that the biggest segment of users was in the 35-44 age group but not surprised by “There is no way to truly influence people on social networks without participating. Real people have to actually engage with others on social networks or no influen…
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Affiliate Program Marketing Partnerships

Are you ready to give up trying to find a good way to make money on the Internet? Is everything beginning to look like just another scam to separate you from your hard earned money? Well don’t give up until you’ve looked at a good affiliate program marketing partnership. These are programs that let you earn commissions for money spent on websites by people you refer. You don’t have to buy any products for resale, it’s free to join, and there is no financial risk. In fact much of the work is done for you in affiliate program marketing partnerships.

Let’s take an internet poker room for example. These affiliate program marketing partnerships will pay you a commission for referring players to their websites. When a player you’ve referred signs up and plays poker for money you can get paid every time they play for as long as they play. The affiliate program marketing partnerships will give you all of the training and assistance you need to get started. They’ll also give you a variety of tools from great banner ads for your website to text ads for your e-mails. You’ll also be able to monitor your referrals so you always know how much you’re earning.

With affiliate program marketing programs it is up to you how much time and effort you want to spend. No one makes you do anything, but you’re given the opportunity to make a good recurring income. There is no safer or easier way to begin making some extra cash on the Internet. Why not give it a try today. You won’t regret it.

Professional SEO. He helps a number of online gambling sites like:


Poker Affiliate Program []

Poker Room []

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Why Choose Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

Article by Wahyu Tan

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing Partnerships – Website Promotion – Joint Ventures

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If you’re looking to make some extra money, or build an entire business, online then affiliate marketing partnerships are a great way to get started. Affiliate marketing partnerships are free, and they’re easy

to start. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that because they’re cheap and easy, you won’t have to put a little effort in to really succeed. You can spend thousands of dollars on an “Internet business in a box” and the ads might have you believe that all you do is click a few links in some software, then sit back and let the money roll in.

They may even show successful entrepreneurs kicked back on a beach sipping fruity tropical drinks while their computer does all the hard work. While affiliate marketing partnerships are an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to get started making money online, you do have to do more than click a few buttons. It’s not hard work, though, if you know how to do it.

Most businesses, whether online or traditional stores, fail. There are several reasons this happens. The expenses are more than the business brings in, quickly putting in into the red so deeply that it would take years to see a profit, and no business can operate that way for very long, unless the owners have unlimited capital available to them.

An advantage of affiliate marketing partnerships is that this is unlikely to happen. You’re putting no money out when you sign up with an affiliate program. And the money that you spend to promote your affiliate merchant can be very minimal, to nothing, depending on how you choose to start out. So this particular problem retail stores have won’t affect your affiliate marketing potential.

Another reason traditional and online stores fail so quickly is that no one buys from them. You have to have customers, paying customers, to succeed in business. And in order for a person to become a customer, they have to first enter your store or browse your website. This is where affiliate marketing programs are brilliant for online merchants. They get people like you to sign up and promote their product, for a fee, called a commission.

The best way to make money with affiliate marketing partnerships is to maintain a website that you fill with related content. You can do this inexpensively or you can spend a lot of money, it depends on how much you know about making a website and how much you’re willing to learn. Once you have your site, write

short articles filled with information that people visiting your site want to know. This makes it more than just a sales portal, it becomes a valuable resource that people will continue to visit, maybe sites with similar content with even link to yours, and more people will click on your affiliate links.

If you can attract people to your site or even write ads that entice people to click links, you can make money with affiliate marketing partnerships.

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