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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tenerife, really?

The weather right now might not feel like it, at least in Europe, but Spring is just around the corner.  For the Dynamics community that..

March 3, 2018

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and GDPR: What do customers and partners really think?

In previous articles on MSDynamicsWorld, we talked about the impact of GDPR on Microsoft customers and partners. I even argued that there..

November 21, 2017

Does Microsoft really care about the SME business market?

Over the last few months I’ve really started to wonder if Microsoft executives understand the small to medium business applications..

September 27, 2017

Can Microsoft Parature users really go to Dynamics 365? A company alum says yes.

Microsoft has announced that it will be dropping support for its Parature customer-service offering by May 2018 and has started migrating..

June 16, 2017

Why Communications to your Channel Really Matter

We’ve all done it. You get into a rut communicating to Partners. The same old email here, the same stale newsletter there. Unfortunately,..

September 30, 2016

CRMUG Summit 2016: What Does User Adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Really Require?

When Ashley Steiner concludes her presentation "CRM Sucks: A Sales Person’s Story" at CRMUG Summit 2016 (October 11-14,..

August 22, 2016

Modern Reporting Strategies for Dynamics AX, Part II: Where Business Intelligence Really Fits

In the first half of this article, we looked at crafting an advanced reporting strategy for Dynamics AX. This time we’ll explore..

July 27, 2016

Dynamics Profile: Surprise, You Really Are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP

Being named a Microsoft Dynamics MVP is typically a huge surprise to candidates, despite the fact that the candidates know that..

January 25, 2016

Why You Need to Really Engage Your Audience at Your Next Event

Keynotes are great, even better when they’re motivational in nature. Breakouts certainly help your partners or sales team pick up some..

March 17, 2015

Why Your Project is Not a Product: What it really means to take the leap into packaged software

Professional service organizations often struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition, which leads to a race to the bottom on..

January 21, 2015
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