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Microsoft readies brand name and packaging update for Dynamics 365 “Tenerife”

Microsoft has started revealing to its Dynamics NAV partner channel that the details of its next generation SMB solution for finance and..

March 12, 2018

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tenerife, really?

The weather right now might not feel like it, at least in Europe, but Spring is just around the corner.  For the Dynamics community that..

March 3, 2018

The Changing Role of the ISV in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tenerife Era

A lot has changed for ISVs recently. In March, I visited Microsoft’s headquarters. This is something I could only dream of as an ISV..

December 28, 2017

Summit 2017: Microsoft assures Dynamics NAV users of their place in roadmap to NAV 2018, Dynamics 365 Tenerife

For Dynamics NAV users, Microsoft’s roadmap guidance at NAVUG Summit 2017 in Nashville was clear: NAV will continue to get yearly..

October 13, 2017

With Dynamics 365 Tenerife, Microsoft gets serious about its ERP API

Dynamics 365 Tenerife will be accessible via Microsoft Graph | Source    The upcoming launch of Dynamics 365 "Tenerife",..

October 12, 2017

Microsoft SMB partner urges calm (but caution) over move from Business Edition to Dynamics 365 Tenerife

The rollercoaster ride that has been the future of Dynamics 365 Financials and Operations, Business Edition (D365FOB), with plans for the..

October 9, 2017

At Directions EMEA 2017, Microsoft refines SMB ERP message with Dynamics 365 Tenerife, NAV launch updates

On day one of Directions EMEA 2017, Microsoft has further clarified its plans for launching both Dynamics NAV 2018 and its SaaS sibling,..

October 5, 2017

At Directions EMEA 2017, partners seek clarity from Microsoft on Dynamics 365 Tenerife, NAV plans

As the clock ticks down to the start of Directions EMEA 2017, which runs from Oct. 4-6 in Madrid, the chairman of the event, is hoping..

September 29, 2017

After tense week, Microsoft pledges to re-examine Dynamics 365 Tenerife launch plans

After a rollercoaster week that included a first look at Dynamics 365 Tenerife and a subsequent partner backlash over its delayed rollout..

September 21, 2017

Setting course for Tenerife: Are Microsoft Dynamics partners ready to go?

Two days into the Directions North America 2017 conference, partners understand that Dynamics 365 "Tenerife", the successor to..

September 20, 2017
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